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No such thing as can't...

If your parents or an uncle, aunt, brother or sister once told you that there’s “no such word as can’t,” you’ll know that they were right.

Managing growth, increasing your turnover, preparing cashflow forecasts, getting paid on time…

“We could tell you what not to do and what you can’t do”, says Steve. “But there’s enough chartered accountants doing that already. At Furlong + Associates we work for YOUR interests, and YOURS ALONE.”

What we really like doing is helping you to plan the development of your business, make the right decisions and structure your business so that it becomes the vehicle you need to help you succeed in all your life goals.

Some of our business services include:

  • Helping you with your annual budgets, financial and cashflow projections
  • Analysing variations between budget, actual and cashflow history
  • Advising you on managing business growth
  • Business ownership structures
  • Business planning
  • Getting paid on time

To find out what you CAN do, and more about the world of possibilities and opportunities that await you in business…

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